Dyehouse Services

We specialize in dyeing used clothes that are damaged by chlorine, sun, laundry detergent, decapase hair dyes, clothes that have been dyed in your washing machine or just if you want to change color.

The clothes we dye are: cotton, linen, viscose, wool, nylon (polyamide), silk, polyester (freshening), mixed, etc.

We dye: jackets, pants, skirts, coats, trench coats, suits, bathrobes, etc.

We undertake also: color changes in benches, sofa covers, etc.

We address with special wholesale prices in dyeing and processing of clothes for professionals (laundries - handicrafts, etc.)

The pricing of the dyes is done according to the weight of your clothes (by the kilo) and not by the piece!

The shade depends on the weight of the fabric. Larger weight of clothes than indicated on the dye achieves a lighter shade, less weight of clothes darker shade.